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Art by Norva

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About Me

Creating stunning pieces of art has been a passion of mine for many years. Long before I established my business, I used to paint pictures that celebrated the Cajun culture in the southeastern state of Louisiana. Because of this inspiration, I started creating Cajun county postcards and folk art, which I began selling to interested tourists who came into town. Soon, collectors around the United States and from overseas became fascinated with my creations. This caused me to start Art by Norva.

Through my business, I now have the ability to sell my artwork and postcards to customers everywhere. My pieces feature many different subjects, including the beautiful oak trees in Louisiana. They also capture the irreverent humor, warmth, and hospitality of the Cajun people. To learn more about Art by Norva or the pieces I have available, please call or email me. I am more than happy to answer any questions for you.

Flower Drawing

Training & Education

To become the artist that I am today, I attended several art schools and centers for training. In 1974, I received my college diploma in commercial art from an institution in Shreveport, LA. While there, I was able to hone my skills. My work evolved into extensive assignments, such as projected outdoor highway displays, newspaper ads, and television and radio commercials.

The advertising industry opened doors for me to take advantage of opportunities worldwide. I met the challenges of expressing my unique ideas by providing incredible art under the stressful circumstances of meeting production deadlines.

The awesome Barnwell Garden and Art Center in Shreveport, LA, also provided me with a welcoming painting atmosphere that I frequented regularly. I learned and absorbed as much knowledge as I could about color, intensity, wet-on-wet brush strokes, and marketing strategies. Additionally, I hosted several shows at the center where I exhibited a variety of botanicals, still-life pieces, and landscapes of local and foreign attractions. My creativity was appreciated in the fine arts and commercial fields.

Acknowledgement & Recognition

Throughout the years, many newspapers and ad agencies have acknowledged my achievements in the field. These companies include:

  • Syb-Ed Brochures
  • Al Evans & Associates Advertising Agency
  • The Shreveport Times
  • The Shreveport Journals
  • Labor News Magazine

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